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Research Assistant (m/f)

Campus Belval , 11, Porte des Sciences, L - 4366 Esch-Sur-Alzette , Luxembourg

    LISER (Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research)

    is recruiting

    Part-time Research Assistant (m/f)

    Parallel Computing and Dynamic Programming using a high-level programming language 

    Student Contract 10 hours per week

    • Ref 18-20

    • Starting date as soon as possible

    • CDD 10 hours per week

    • Duration – up to 3 months

    The student is expected to help with the breakdown of an existing code in appropriate pieces for use in a parallel multi-thread environment such as the UniLu HPC. The code is written in Julia, an easy-to-use high-level dynamic programming language that shares common features with other popular languages. Registration in the Luxembourg Higher Education system is mandatory.

    Necessary skills/experience

    • Good knowledge of Java or Python (or Fortran or C++).

    • Understanding of distributed systems and parallel computing.

    • Experience with medium-scale parallelism in a HPC (say 120 nodes).

    • Understanding of algebra and high-dimensional arrays.

    • Motivation for learning a new programming language in a short period.

    Additional desired skills/experience

    • Some knowledge of Julia: https://julialang.org

    • Experience with the UniLu HPC

    Ideal profile and job rubric

    An advanced graduate (at least MSc level) student in computer science, engineering, physics, finance or economics with proven experience in parallel programming.

    About LISER

    LISER is a publicly funded research institute located in Belval and devoted to applied empirical research in economic, social and spatial sciences. Interdisciplinarity is a key element for stimulating scientific innovation. The institute attracts top researchers from all over the world and high-level student training is a vivid part of the institute’s activities. LISER is well connected to the University of Luxembourg, and also to other universities in the cross-border neighborhood. It is an integral part of the fast growing research environment of the Cité des Sciences on the new Belval campus in the south of the country (see www.liser.lu).

    How to apply

    The candidate should submit (1) a short motivation letter (2) a CV that shows their experience in the above (3) university/higher education registration certificate at the University of Luxembourg and (4) a piece of code in any programming language (around 10 lines) that roughly does the following:

    constant computer_do_parallel = 1

    if computer_do_parallel==1


      @everywhere constant cpu = process()

      println("Starting code in parallel on $(length(cpu)) CPUs.")

      for p = 1:1:length(cpu)

        @spawnat cpu[p] println("Hello world, I am worker $(cpu[p]).")

      end for


      println("Starting code serially on 1 CPU.")

    end if

    This syntax (meant to mimic a code) asks two workers to greet the world. The workers can be located in a local machine or on a HPC node.

    Apply via https://jobs.liser.lu/jobs

    The position will remain open until filled.

    For informal queries, contact Alex Theloudis (alexandros.theloudis@liser.lu)

    Maison des Sciences Humaines – 11, porte des Sciences L-4366 Esch-sur-Alzette