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Stimulate your career and advance research

The Luxembourg Institute of Socio-economic Research brings together a diverse range of professionals in its research departments and support services. We recruit researchers at all levels from outstanding scholars in their field, postdoctoral fellows to doctoral students and research assistants. Among the many professions represented in our teams, we also recruit specialists in accounting, IT, human resources or project management.

Why join LISER?

  • Contribute to scientific excellence and societal impact

    Through the results of its studies and analyses, at LISER our high skilled researchers aim to create a societal impact at national and international level, while reinforcing the scientific excellence of their research. To achieve this, LISER's projects are based on studies in fields of concern to today's society: living conditions, working conditions, healthcare systems, urban development and mobility, and migration flows.

  • Develop skills & talents

    In an inspiring and motivating work environment, LISER offers a wide range of training programs to ensure skills development and career advancement for its employees.

    For our young researchers in doctoral training, LISER provides support right from the start of their career, in an innovative and fulfilling environment.

  • Work together with diversity and flexibility

    Also committed to ensuring well-being in the workplace, LISER offers its employees flexible working hours and teleworking, in a culture of inclusion and diversity.

    Our committed teams, passionate about what they do, work hand in hand in a spirit of collaboration to achieve their common goals.

About Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a country resolutely focused on the future, with the ambition of using research as a driving force for innovation to improve quality of life and transfer innovations into citizen’s everyday life. To meet this challenge, Luxembourg has developed a strategic approach for 2030 and a research infrastructure designed to maximize synergies and complementarities, making it an internationally visible player recognized for the excellence of its scientific activities.


Nestled in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg offers a multilingual, multicultural and flexible environment, open to cross-border workers and immigration. The country offers a host of advantages, especially:


  • An excellent quality of life
  • A safe and reliable environment
  • A stable economy
  • A high-quality education system
  • A diverse cultural offering
  • Free public transport